Bom Dia Travel is a boutique travel agency specialized in customized sailing experiences that make a difference. Besides providing an amazing personalised sailing experience for everyone, for every booking we do, we plant trees, because we care about deforestation and how it affects our future. These trees have been locally and ecologically adapted for the rehabilitation of a previously degraded ecosystems. Some of these species include Psidium, Pouteria and Soursop. 


The Atlantic Forest, also known as Mata Atlantica, once covered 130 million hectares across Brazil. Now, this tropical rainforest ecosystem is home to 70% of the country's population. Centuries of deforestation for timber, sugar cane, coffee, cattle ranching an urban sprawl have reduced the size of forest by over 90%. 

Planting trees in Brazil will help recover endangered forest ecosystems and protect Brazil's fresh water supply. A key goal is the rehabilitation of springs and riparian vegetation, ensuring a healthy habitat for hundreds of threatened plant and animal species. The project also involves environmental education programs for local school kids.