A very different island

The tiny paradise of Lastovo is the most distant inhabited island in Croatia and one of the last 10 biodiversity treasures of the Mediterranean sea. This island is a perfect holiday location if you are looking for unspoiled nature. Because of its preserved natural beauty, the island became Nature Park in 2006. It consists of 44 islands, islets, rocks and reefs covering total area of 53 km2 of land and 143 km3 of sea. Its borders are lit by the stone lighthouses of Susac, Tajan, Glavat and Struga.

People come to Lastovo to find the Mediterranean as it used to be: colourful, peaceful, untamed and unspoiled. Positively wild, some would say. Lastovo is gastronomy heaven on its own with green from the local fields, seafood from the surrounding waters and recipes that have been passed on for generations (and each one adding a new twist).

Travel to Lastovo to discover its mystic beauty, which forests, fertile fields, high coastal cliffs, land and sea caves, numerous rare sea and land species and habitats. Lastovo is a place where time has slowed down and life adapted to the slow pace of times and customs long gone on the mainland. In other words, take your time and get to know locals and their ways, it's worth it. Lastovo has also a rich cultural and historical heritage - numerous stone churches and chapels, picturesque chimneys and the traditional Lastovo Carnival (Poklad).

Our preferred overnight location is Zaklopatica.

Restaurant Augusta Insula in Zaklopatica bay is a place of authentic simplicity and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. 

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