National Park Krka

National Park Krka with its seven waterfalls is a natural karst phenomenon and a very magical place to visit.

Our recommendation:

  • You can arrive to the National Park Krka either from Sibenik or Skradin. We recommend to start trip from Skradin and visit the 'Skradinski buk' waterfall - the longest waterfall on the Krka river. 
  • Have lunch at the restaurant, La Cantinetta, and choosing  their tasting menu, which offers different traditional dishes. You also cannot go wrong with selecting their notoriously slow-cooked ‘Skradin risotto’ (risotto with veal) that we have to order at least a day in advance, as it’s cooked for 10 hours. The actual recipe is inherited within the local families and is kept a secret

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Recommended route to get to the National Park Krka is Sail Me To The Moon.

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