Island Zut, Kornati islands

Visit one of the top Croatian restaurant gems Restaurant Festa that is situated in the inlet of Golubovac on the island of Zut. The restaurant is located among hundred-year-old olive trees. 

Festa is a classic looking Dalmatian tavern and has a nice collection of native crafts and tools. The fish, various shellfish, other seafood, as well as the meat, are prepared Kornati-fisherman style and seasoned with oil from our own olive orchard and the “Fešta” condiment, served with daily fresh baked bread. 

Apart from the usual fresh and first-rate fish and lobster, “Fešta” also has some dishes specific to this restaurant that cannot be found anywhere else in Croatia. Those are the exquisite conger eel pâté, swordfish tartar steak, gilt-head bream carpaccio with truffles and capers and swordfish carpaccio with grapefruit and arugula.

To get here you will sail through 140 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs of the Kornati islands

This experience will leave you absolutely speechless. 

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Recommended route to get to the island Zut is Sail Me To The Moon route. 

This route is great for:

  • adventurous foodies
  • lovers of Robinson Crusoe style holidays
  • true sailors 
  • people that have visited Croatia already and they are looking for something little bit different now

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