Split to Dubrovnik - What to Do For Nature and Scuba Diving Lovers

If you are looking to escape hectic life and fully recharge in Croatia on your yacht, we suggest to visit these beautiful islands and experience the best of Croatia's historical heritage, beautiful nature and delicious local food. 

Live the moment on your yacht, relax and enjoy this trip itinerary tailored to your passion for scuba diving and beautiful destinations with rich cultural-historical heritage such as Solta, Hvar, Pakleni islands, Vis, Lastovo, Korcula, Peljesac, Mljet, Sipan, Dubrovnik and Cavtat.

Day 1, Sunday 

Split to Maslinica, island Solta

Solta is a green and blue oasis with very pristine nature. We recommend to anchor near the bay of Maslinica. Maslinica is a charming picturesque fishing village with a beautiful private marina and the luxurious heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi, a renovated palace dating from the 17th century. 

Recommended activities:

  • Dinner on board,
  • Private wine tasting at the restaurant Martinis Marchi in their beautiful wine tasting room,
  • If you fancy doing something different today, we can arrange interesting olive oil tasting at the local factory of the Kastelanac family that has been growing olives for four generations.

Additional option:

Helicopter flight to visit National Park Plitvice

Day 2, Monday 

Maslinica to Pakleni islands, near Hvar 

Just across from 'glitzy and glamorous’ Hvar, there is a stunning chain of wooded isles called Pakleni islands. Although the name ‘Pakleni’ is often translated as ‘Hell’s islands’, this place is a far cry from hell; it’s more like a paradise.

One of the islands is called Palmizana. Palmizana's richness comes from Meneghello family which for over a hundred years has been devoted to creating a paradise of cultural and gastronomic tourism.

Recommended activities:

  • Lunch at the Meneghello’s restaurant art gallery that is amazingly located within the botanical garden. If you are a seafood lover, don’t disappoint us by ordering something other than Palmizana gregada - a heavenly seafood stew prepared with the freshest catch of the day, scampi, lobster, potatoes, white wine and olive oil - all cooked on an open fire. It is worth mentioning that people sail to this island just to taste this dish.
  • Go for a walk on one of the extensive trails and explore the hidden secrets of this tiny island.

Just before sunset, take a tender ride to Hvar. Town Hvar is named after the island itself, the longest and sunniest of all the Croatian islands. Here you can enjoy many elegant restaurants, hotels and clubs. Hvar is definitely a unique place that allows you to be seen if you wish to be seen or to stay discreet and invisible if that is your preference.

Hvar is the perfect place to do some shopping and explore the local cuisine. A great restaurant to visit is Gariful, right on the main promenade. 

When in Hvar, you don’t want to miss a sunset walk to see the splendid view of Hvar and its archipelago. This means that you will need to head to the Fortica, the medieval castle that occupies the site of an ancient Illyrian settlement dating from before 500 BC. The views from there are magnificent.

Day 3 & 4, Tuesday to Wednesday

Pakleni islands to Komiza, island Vis

The island Vis, was a military base during socialist Yugoslavia. Actually, for decades it was closed to visitors as a strategically important point. Thankfully in 1992, the Yugoslav army left Vis and it transitioned to become a perfect holiday destination and one of the best scuba diving spots in Croatia. Here you can scuba dive to explore many airplane wrecks and shipwrecks from the Second World War as well as dive to see gorgonian corals. We recommend going with Diving Center B-24 whose owner Veljano Zanki, a native to Komiza, is world champion free diver and is familiar with the local waters more than anyone else on this island. 

Scuba diving recommendation:

  • If doing only one dive, the most popular dive is wreck Teta (8-30 m),
  • If you prefer to do two dives, your second dive can be to beautiful gorgonian corals or wreck Vassilios .

Island Vis, is one of our favourite islands, an island that makes every palate content. We recommend to spend minimally two days in this gorgeous place. On this blog post you can read more about the island and things to do. 

Other activities besides scuba diving can be: 

  • Renting a scooter or convertible old-timer beetle and exploring the island for a half day self tour,
  • Dinner at the restaurant Roki's,
  • Military tour of the island,
  • Early morning visit to Blue Grotto,
  • Lunch at Budikovac island,
  • Evening sunset cocktails and partying at Fort George fortress. 

Additional option:

Panoramic flight with two helicopters

Day 5, Thursday

Vis to island Lastovo

The tiny paradise of Lastovo is the most distant inhabited island in Croatia and one of the last 10 biodiversity treasures of the Mediterranean sea. This island is a perfect holiday location if you are looking for unspoiled nature. Because of its preserved natural beauty, the island became Nature Park in 2006. It consists of 44 islands, islets, rocks and reefs covering total area of 53 km2 of land and 143 km3 of sea. Its borders are lit by the stone lighthouses of Susac, Tajan, Glavat and Struga. People come to Lastovo to find the Mediterranean as it used to be: colourful, peaceful, untamed and unspoiled. Positively wild, some would say. 

Lastovo is also gastronomy heaven on its own with green from the local fields, seafood from the surrounding waters and recipes that have been passed on for generations (and each one adding a new twist).

Travel to Lastovo to discover its mystic beauty, which forests, fertile fields, high coastal cliffs, land and sea caves, numerous rare sea and land species and habitats. Lastovo is a place where time has slowed down and life adapted to the slow pace of times and customs long gone on the mainland. In other words, take your time and get to know locals and their ways, it's worth it. Lastovo has also a rich cultural and historical heritage - numerous stone churches and chapels, picturesque chimneys and the traditional Lastovo Carnival (Poklad).

Our recommendation:

  • Diving Center Ankora that takes you to your location of choice - wrecks, caves, gorgonian corals,
  • Restaurant Augusta Insula in Zaklopatica bay is a place of authentic simplicity and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. 

Day 6, Friday

Option 1: Lastovo to island Korcula 

Option 2: Lastovo to island Mljet

Option 1 - Korcula

The island Korcula is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic and it's harbouring a stunning old town also named Korcula. Rich in vineyards, dark pine forests and olive groves this islands is worth visiting!

Our recommendation:

  • Enjoy your dinner at Konoba Nonno that prepares typical food from this region,
  • Wine tasting at the winery Bire,
  • Climbing a ladder in tower for cocktails at Massimo Cocktail Bar located in the 15th-century tower on Old Town’s waterfront, this cocktail bar has views of the Peljesac Channel from the rooftop terrace. Their cocktails are not top notch, but the view is absolutely amazing and this place is worth visiting!
  • Watch a performance of Moreska - a traditional sword dance still performed on Korcula
  • If you like kitesurfing or windsurfing this channel between Korcula and Peljesac is the best spot in Croatia to these water-sports.

Option 2 - Mljet

Mljet is Croatia's greenest island with its Mediterranean vegetation, clear and clean sea, gentle sandy shoreline and a wealth of underwater sea life. The island is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands. The island is also well known for its two salted lakes that are located at the north end of the island. The North-West part of the island is also one of Croatian National Parks. The island is prefect for kayaking, cycling, running, swimming and relaxing. 

Anchor near Polace.

Day 6, Saturday

Option 1: Korcula to island Mljet

See above.

Option 2: Korcula to island Sipan 

If you option to follow this route we recommend two equally amazing experiences. 

Scuba diving trip to underwater wine cellar & private wine tasting in the middle of vineyard

  • Croatia has been a winemaking region for more than two thousand years. Croatia is true wine lovers dream and Pelješac is a synonym for good wine. We can organise a private wine tasting in the middle of the vineyard in the first protected and designed wine region in Croatia called Dingac. This vineyard overlooks the island Mljet and it's owed by a boutique winery Vicelic. Young Mateo Vicelić has dedicated himself to revitalising this stunning limestone vineyard site that slopes from 1800 feet down to the coast. Mateo’s wine is powerfully smooth, with sweet dark cherry and plum flavours retaining the freshness breezing into the Adriatic hillsides. 

Usually when you put on a diving suit, you are not prepared to visit a winery. Unless if you are on Peljesac peninsula and visiting the Edivo winery and their underwater cellar. We recommend to go on this interesting scuba diving trip before lunch time and pick your wine bottles under the water.

Edivo wines after they have been bottled and placed in a terracotta amphora, they are sunken under the sea to the depth of 18–25 meters. All of them are perfectly stored, laid on its cork and scattered in several locations of Pelješac aquatorium. Wine ages in bottles for three months, and later on under the sea for one to two years.

Scuba diving trip to underwater wine cellar & lunch at Gastro Mare restaurant 

Following your scuba diving trip to underwater wine cellar, enjoy lunch at the restaurant Gastro Mare. 

After years spent working in America, short return to Dubrovnik followed by sailing on board various cruisers across the Mediterranean, Toni, the owner of the restaurant Gastro Mare settled in Norway where he reached the peak of his culinary expertise while running one of the best Scandinavian gourmet restaurants. Despite everything the world had to offer, Toni found his peace in his beloved Kobaš where he can be seen today in his small yet enchanting restaurant Gastro Mare lovingly combining the culinary knowledge of his adult life with his boyhood memories into memorable, new, and vivid food experiences.

This is probably our favourite Croatian culinary experience!

Day 7, Sunday

Sipan to Dubrovnik / Cavtat

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean and also on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

If visiting during the peak season we would recommend to stay only for a day in Dubrovnik as it get overly crowded.

Our recommendation:

  • Visit city walls and fort,
  • Have a coffee at Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik,
  • If you love history you should visit Dominican monastery, Rector's palace and Lokrum,
  • Have a unique culinary experience at the Restaurant Nautika,
  • Back in days, the 15th century Revelin Fortress used to protect city from invaders and nowadays it is home to a great nightclub. If looking for the evening partying spot we would recommend Night club Revelin.

Disembark in Cavtat, a charming picturesque old town on the Adriatic situated on the hilly part of the wooded peninsula, located only 20 km from Dubrovnik. Cavtat is not flooded by tourists as Dubrovnik and it will give you a more local feel and perfect finish of your trip.