Unique things to do on your holidays - Want to have a meaningful and relaxing experience?

If you are looking for a unique thing to do in Split, we recommend to spend an afternoon in the nature; creating, carving and designing a specific piece of pottery with elements found at the venue such as lavender, seashells, Mediterranean stones, flowers etc. at the beautiful outdoor venue called park Sustipan. This park back in days served as the resting ground to the Croatian Kings and now serves as a beautiful quiet park with the pine trees, a small green oasis in the immediate vicinity of the marina and the old town. Sustipan offers a breathtaking views towards the islands in front of Split. 

We love working with talented Tea, an Academy of Art graduate Sculptor from Terra Ceramica. Just have a glimpse into her work and you will realize why we love to collaborate with her. 

Tea is creating unique one at a time ceramic products from the sculptures' perceptive; she wanted to return humanity to the world that is overwhelmed with a mass production. Through her hand making of the beautiful, functional ceramic pieces she wanted to transmit this love for hand making and natural materials that you can ultimately feel. Making your own piece of ceramics is something unique and so special.

The way how our hands our modelling piece of clay, in large amount, depends on our emotions and thoughts we are experiencing. When we manage to be in a harmony with the material we work with, that is something beautiful. 

People say that working with clay is a new yoga and creating ceramic pieces is relaxing, filling, creative, inspiring and it helps us to cope with our stress. Clay workshop gives us an opportunity to go back to basics, manual work. It inspires us and teach us to be more patient, something that we all somehow miss. If you would like us to organize a private outdoor workshop for your friends, colleagues or family contact us for more info. 

Photo credits: Diego Batista