What are the best meals you can cook on a boat? How do you know how much food to take on the boat or even what kind of food?

Cooking on board is not so much different from the one at home, but requires some good planning. Always think of a simple food that does not need a lot of time to prepare nor ingredients. Food such as pastas, risottos, salads, grilled meat or fish are the best choices. 

Leverage the fact that you are in Croatia, which means many tasty seasonal fresh ingredients will be available for you to buy on every corner. We advise you to do your large food and drink purchase on the first day or simply order a shopping basket with us and get it delivered to your boat. 

We recommend to buy fresh food produce daily. Most villages on the islands have small, charming green markets where you can purchase your fruit, vegetables, local honey, olive oil, cheese and other local gourmet goodies. Sometimes there can be found even small fish markets where you can your fish. Just make sure you visit the market early in the morning to get the best of their daily offer. 

You can download your shopping list below. 

Overcoming the language barrier (just in case)

You can comfortably travel around Croatia not knowing the language as most people speak good English and most likely another foreign language such as German, Italian or French. However, sometimes on these markets you can see old grannies selling their homegrown products and for sure you can impress them with your basic Croatian. 

We prepared some survival market phrases you can use:

  • Good morning. Dobro jutro. (Doh-broh yoo-troh)
  • How much does it cost? Koliko kosta? (Koh-lee-koh kohsh-tah)
  • Please. Molim. (Moh-leem)
  • Thank you. Hvala. (Hvah-lah)
  • Goodbye. Dovidenja (doh-vee-jeh-nyah) 

Photo credits: Rami Salem

What to buy on the market?

Try always to buy in season fruit, it tastes so much better than imported and off season fruit. If you are fussy like we are here is a list of what is the fruits to buy at the market:


Other products that should be on your list to buy when you visit the green market are:

  • fresh fish
  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh herbs
  • organic eggs
  • local honey
  • homemade cheese
  • homemade cured meats (pancetta, prosciutto, sausages)
  • homemade marinated anchovies and/or sardines
  • marinated sea fennel (Croatian: 'motar')
  • marinated homemade olives
  • local grappas

Tasting and buying the best of authentic food when you are on a sailing in Croatia will just help you to create everlasting tasting memories, especially if you are a foodie. 

Photo credits: pxhere.com 

Now when you have mastered the basic of good quality, authentic local ingredients, we can help you get creative with your weekly menu. Breakfast and lunch on board and dinner out in is kind of a norm and the best way to go.

Always remember - keep it nice and simple.


Coffee, tea, milk, juices, bread, toast, pastries, pancakes, eggs, ham, cheese, honey, spreads, cereals, fruit, yogurts

Photo credits: Jennifer Pallian

Lunch menu 

  • Bruschettas 
  • Different tapas and cold cuts (cheese, cured meat, olives, pickles, marinated seafood, hummus and similar)
  • Pizza
  • Caprese salad 
  • Ni├žoise salad
  • Mixed vegetables salad
  • Oven roasted vegetables
  • Spaghetti Milanese
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Carbonara
  • Penne pasta with pesto
  • Shrimp risotto
  • Grilled chicken/steak with roasted potatoes
  • Grilled fish with vegetables

Photo credits: Eaters collective, Unsplash