What to take on holidays? The ultimate packing list for your sailing trip.

It's your first time going on a boat and you are wondering what to pack? 

Our advice is to be creative and selective. Really don’t get too fussy about your clothing, as the dress code on boats is very relaxed. Shorts and T-shirts are the norm, even when going out. 

To make your life easier, we have created ladies and guys ultimate packing checklist for your next sailing trip. 

Our advice is to start your packing with a soft duffel bag as space on the boat is normally limited. 

You can download our recommended packing list for your next sailing trip here. This list should satisfy even the fussiest travellers out there. If you can do it with even less - even better. This is just a norm for first time travellers. For more questions contact us

Photo credits: Cover photo - Thomas Martinsen | Bag - Harsh Jadav |  Girl on a deck - Rauno Liivand