Quick guide to yacht charter

What is a yacht charter?

Yacht charter is by far the most popular and the best way to experience a holiday on a yacht without owning a yacht. You can rent a yacht and use it as its your own for a week or longer.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

The base price of a charter is how much it will cost you to rent a particular yacht, normally for a period of seven days. This cost will normally not include any additional costs, so it's important to consider everything else you may have to pay on top of this base fee such as crew costs, marina fees, fuel, food and other additional expenses.

Renting a yacht can costs anything from €1,000  to €1,000,000 and more weekly. Everything depends on your taste and budget you have.

Depending on your preferences and your budget, we will match the right yacht to fit your personal requirements.

What affects the price of a yacht?

The base price of a yacht is affected by number of conditions:

  • The yacht itself is the biggest factor in how much you pay to charter (size, year of construction, shipyard, crewed or not).
  • Dates when you wish to charter (low seasons means lower prices, while high season means higher prices).
  • Dates when you decide to book a yacht. Normally you will get between 5 and 15% discount for bookings made before December 31st for the following year.

How to charter a yacht?

To make your life easier, talk to us to assist with your booking. While you may know more about what type of boat you will like to charter and the destinations you would like to explore, talking to us can help you to realise your goals and find a perfect match. We can take care of the smaller details and give you more freedom and time to completely enjoy yourself when on board.

How to choose the right yacht?

Better you know what you want, easier it will be to suggest the right yachts for your consideration. Whatever you are seeking it can be arranged - including the choice or yacht (sailing, catamaran, motor boat or luxury yacht), size of the vessel, number of guests the yacht can accommodate or activities you are interested in.

Do you prefer better sailing boats, catamarans, motor boats or bigger yachts?

Explain your budget so we can come suggest the best fit for your needs and give you an accurate estimation of what is and what is not included so there are no surprises.

If you have flexibility with your dates, let us know, so we can maximise and find the best available choice for you.

Ensure you list your preferences so we can match your ideal charter yacht experience.

How to choose when to travel?

You have made your decision that you want to travel this year to Croatia, but you are still unsure when. Undoubtedly budget and time will play a part in the decision making process. 

  • Low season: April, May & October
  • Shoulder season: June & September
  • High season: July & August

How to choose the right itinerary?

It might be very confusing where to go. A perfect route can be chosen according to your interest from one of our recommended routes or something specially tailored can be organized to cater your particular needs. 

Photo credits: Uvala Krknjasi - Mario Jelavic | Cruising yacht - Martonio Paleka